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Files » Jim Morrison, Johnny Winter, Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Johnny Winter - 'Woke Up This Morning and Found Myself Dead' - 1968-03-07 - New York City, NY (SBD Mono&Stereo)
2020-04-24, 08:22
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Artist(s): Jim Morrison, Johnny Winter, Jimi Hendrix
Category: Audio
Added: 2020-04-24, 08:22 (GMT)
Added by: UncleErnie
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Info hash: D5889CD412888DA852CB36864316EC2DF2EF2084
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Tags: 1968-03-07, Woke Up This Morning and Found Myse


Jimi Hendrix...Guitar, vocals
Jim Morrison..."Vocals", Harmonica
Johnny Winter...Guitar
Randy Hobbs...Bass
Randy Z...Drums on 1st half
Buddy Miles...Drums on 2nd half

Lineage: Silver CD > EAC > WAV > FLAC (8)

March 7th, 1968
The Scene Club,
New York, NY, USA

"Woke Up This Morning and Found Myself Dead"
Live in New York

Red Lightning/Stony Plain - RLCD 0068

01 Red House (J. Hendrix)
02 Wake Up This Morning And You Find Yourself Dead (J. Hendrix)
03 Bleeding Heart (E. James)
04 Morrison's Lament > (Copyright Control)
05 Tomorrow Never Knows > (J. Lennon/P. McCartney)
06 Uranus Rock (J. Hendrix)
07 Outside Woman Blues > (Reynolds)
08 Sunshine of Your Love (Bruce, Brown, Clapton)

Time: 53:28

Mono and Stereo versions and full artwork included.

Flac fingerprints:

01 Red House.flac:35b7db84b02e20743f58c891df37b816
02 Wake Up This Morning And You Find Yourself Dead.flac:c560437e26a40d4aa35c8f38fa840c1d
03 Bleeding Heart.flac:32317c1b783749e26610d73b80219e9d
04 Morrison's Lament.flac:a5d4fb61d6ed292a9bc83c0b1fa1a253
05 Tomorrow Never Knows.flac:40b356f4adbe848bf28e04b570e56e58
06 Uranus Rock.flac:ad3bae20ab3197dbdc6d2e317913ca4b
07 Outside Woman Blues.flac:ef94f7a495bd09e7fd097fe342a660f0
08 Sunshine of Your Love.flac:5f16f992332e31b89214cf4fc5d992e9

01 Red House.flac:dee920b208eeb51d9b52dc51eb21d604
02 Wake Up This Morning And You Find Yourself Dead.flac:3978ec7da3424f76c0fa6241e8cd7793
03 Bleeding Heart.flac:5986afb4fd6cf02f73fd40053f67c254
04 Morrison's Lament.flac:8df92de11ac3c2fbeee24ee647d99acc
05 Tomorrow Never Knows.flac:b927a5753ef4dfa096caa75bc37c4b5a
06 Uranus Rock.flac:3929255696638bd80d8de1bbef41be21
07 Outside Woman Blues.flac:98e63a9a27ed5b0b11536b02612d7c13
08 Sunshine of Your Love.flac:d7a468ea58f0d7c93b8058acc59f6e17


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