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Files » Bob Marley & The Wailers

Bob Marley & The Wailers - 19XX-XX-XX - The Blackwell Dubs
2013-01-25, 10:57
Torrent № 112
Status: Checked
Artist(s): Bob Marley & The Wailers
Category: Audio
Added: 2013-01-25, 10:57 (GMT)
Added by: admin
Download: Magnet
Views: 1063
Info hash: 27CED6BAB79EFDBB289F668C10CC47BDCCE3EBD2
Rating: 5.0/1
Tags: Reggae, dub


Bob Marley & The Wailers
The Blackwell Dubs I truly can not find an etree # sorry


source sdb>casseteex2>?>flac
1. forever loving jah dub
2. waiting in vain dub
3. roots rock reggae
4. jamming dub
5. exodus dub
6. is this love dub
7. baby we've got a date dub
8. crazy baldhead dub
9. she's gone dub
10. satisfy my soul dub
11. iron lion zion dub
12. three little birds dub
13. one love dub
14. keep on moving dub

Tracks tested using Traders Little Helper and passed (OP.. NOT RUSSIAN)


deadicated to those whom i offended.....

1f33fc815846a5355fa96475d86dd382 *01 Forever loving Jah Dub.flac
3e89752d9b2732e384757a8d2838529d *02 Waiting in vain Dub.flac
098272991f38aa8827c543596e4ebda9 *03 Roots Rock Reggae Dub.flac
4b93bdbc034b64552d93e06664f386ef *04 Jamming Dub.flac
7116c6d9f50a20fecb6c62d71c2fd1f1 *05 Exodus Dub.flac
9dd3b6db4ad714c083472e5ad6935da8 *06 Is this Love Dub.flac
906c43645c70ed8cd2be972721c029fd *07 Baby we've got a Date Dub.flac
1a8a6977373aa1849801ac30ddd974f7 *08 Crazy Baldhead Dub.flac
77f19bee920d6a8028cbab5d03ccac53 *09 She's gone Dub.flac
333c1f50e0d53eaeedec4b7583153a56 *10 Satisfy my Soul Dub.flac
06252ab34c0f08c94a5370227169684d *11 Iron Lion Zion Dub.flac
e6881faee8eed194f2c381c54b3f833c *12 Three Little Birds Dub.flac
b5d18f1691ce2936cd802333e38ea7b2 *13 One Love Dub.flac
b4d95378a664879101ce6eadf6d8c7dd *14 Keep on moving Dub.flac

No errors occured.

01 Forever loving Jah Dub.flac:76b441734dc55fe448dec5a8677aa8a9
02 Waiting in vain Dub.flac:a2cdc1d82eec6484171c57d9584c111e
03 Roots Rock Reggae Dub.flac:69acbd3ed00f468087680af996628fed
04 Jamming Dub.flac:d00da89bbaed31bf1cf38abbbd14a6c5
05 Exodus Dub.flac:52d6e0407190d9a26e2a6fa4e6ef4d67
06 Is this Love Dub.flac:e10b7e3511194a03c51f285686fc5385
07 Baby we've got a Date Dub.flac:27852a2a8402d847ba9f5fc12823a8f7
08 Crazy Baldhead Dub.flac:3fc317595f8471f0ed809dabe6a1f97f
09 She's gone Dub.flac:1e9a08de7c04c9616ffe36634bf7461b
10 Satisfy my Soul Dub.flac:4fcc96228b533d73d52683285cc0944e
11 Iron Lion Zion Dub.flac:556d3653a326e4f1053fb066a97e2dad
12 Three Little Birds Dub.flac:2b844cc84b09284f4bffe84c4a0d5787
13 One Love Dub.flac:483cc442de18f79ac624a67eeaf9dceb
14 Keep on moving Dub.flac:a94d4d312ebbb935480598b9f028b224

No errors occured.
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