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Jimi Hendrix - 1970-07-04 - Atlanta International Pop Festival, Georgia (SBD/AUD)
2020-05-03, 17:01
Torrent № 257
Status: Checked
Artist(s): Jimi Hendrix
Category: Audio
Added: 2020-05-03, 17:01 (GMT)
Added by: UncleErnie
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Info hash: B28B42E4E42452BF2AA078ED756C6241091011FB
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Tags: 1970-07-04


First Row Fireworks II
July 4th 1970 Atlanta
A Vibratory 3 Source Merge

This merge is kind of a composite/merge reconstruction effort.
The 5 sources used are:
SBD from Stages
SBD from VHS
AUD stereo recording.
SBD Space Mix
SBD Message To Love (non-space mix)

All 5 sources have their good, bad and ugly points.

1.The Stages and VHS soundboard has irritating fake audience noise loops ..
yes, Alan Douglas even inserted FAKE booing-loops that sound the same
throughout the concert .. .. bah.. of course there’s no trace of them
anymore in the merge.

2.Only Red House, All Along The Watchtower and Hey Joe were taken from
VHS Video.

3.The Audience recording contains the most accurate atmosphere of the actual
concert and thus I built the merge around it.
Only the end of Freedom, Foxy Lady and the beginning of Purple Haze are
missing on this one.

4.The Space mix has no fake audience noises but has ugly reverb added to it
(hence ‘space’ mix).
But it acted as a good ‘in between song banter’ filler especially the parts
not recorded by the audience tape and to fill the gaps left due to the
deletion of the ‘fake audience noises’.

5. This Message to Love is the only version I came across without echo.
This is actually in itself a merge >5000Hz was used on top of this track from the space mix.
Though no echo comes through.

All in all, the sources pretty much complement each other giving a more
realistic listening experience than that officially released crap with fake
‘Boo’s and AAaa’s’ inserted by Mister Douglas.

This is the alternate mix that runs AUD SPACE and SBD simultaneously
from MTL to the end. (3 source merge)


Disc One
1 Intro*
2 Fire*
3 Lover Man*
4 Spanish Castle Magic*
5 Red House*
6 Room Full Of Mirrors*
7 Hear My Train*
8 Message To Love
9 All Along The Watchtower
10 Freedom

Disc Two
1 Foxy Lady
2 Purple Haze
3 Hey Joe
4 Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
5 Stone Free
6 Star Spangled Banner
7 Straight Ahead
8 Hey Baby

*same as Version 1.0

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