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Jimi Hendrix - 1968-10-10 (2 shows) - Winterland Arena, Post & Steiner Streets, San Francisco, CA (SBD)
2020-05-12, 06:49
Torrent № 265
Status: Checked
Artist(s): Jimi Hendrix
Category: Audio
Added: 2020-05-12, 06:49 (GMT)
Added by: UncleErnie
Download: Magnet (729 Mb)
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Info hash: EB4D7F2166AEC8B54B942F8BE693BDADAD7383DF
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Tags: 1968-10-10


1968-10-10 (Thursday): Winterland Arena, Post & Steiner Streets, San Francisco, CA

1st show
01 - Are You Experienced
02 - Voodoo Child (slight return)
03 - Red House
04 - Foxy Lady
05 - Like A Rolling Stone
06 - Star Spangled Banner
07 - Purple Haze « Outside Woman Blues

2nd show
08 - Tax Free
09 - Lover Man
10 - Sunshine Of Your Love
11 - Hear My Train A Comin'
12 - Killing Floor
13 - Hey Joe
14 - Star Spangled Banner
15 - Purple Haze

with Jack Casady on bass on (12-15)

1st Gen copy of master recordings - one for the completists !!

I will be seeding 1st gen versions of all three nights, throughout the rest
of the week. Please only download if you are prepared to hang around for at
least two days after your download has completed, as I shall drop out of the
seeding, as soon as a couple of guys have complete sets to share onwards.

This will give me the opportunityof getting the rest of the set out before I
set off on vacation and at the same, should give everyone else a chance of still
completing the shows.


Various recordings of these six shows have been in circulation amongst the
Jimi collecting community for the last decade, or more. This is an upgrade,
in comparison to the already excellent 2nd gen versions that have been
doing the rounds, over the last couple of years and is probably worthy of a
full release (IMHO) .......

Six shows spread over three nights ....... of the Jimi Hendrix Experience at,
or close to their very best.

This show was downloaded via FTP from the "clean" master and does not have the
clicks and pops, errors and index clicks that are to be found on copies being
seeded and traded in the various hubs and Yahoo groups, from a DAT that was
mastered incorrectly. which are in places seriously flawed. Forget those - this
is the version to get, for those that really cherish this kind of show !!!

One for the completists (??) ..... I guess so ..... but if you haven't got any
Jimi, you might just want to try one of these shows as a way of dipping your
"foot in the water"


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