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Files » Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix & Traffic - 1969-12-12 - A Session
2020-07-07, 19:34
Torrent № 272
Status: Checked
Artist(s): Jimi Hendrix
Category: Audio
Added: 2020-07-07, 19:34 (GMT)
Added by: UncleErnie
Download: Magnet (344 Mb)
Views: 86
Info hash: CD553E96C15C3AB003CD682BD7B416DDDF45A1D6
Rating: 0.0/0
Tags: 1969-12-12


Jimi Hendrix & Traffic - A Session

1. Jam Thing 18:38
2. Guitar Thing 5:15
3. Session Thing 35:27

This is the often talked about session that Jimi recorded with the members of Traffic (Steve Winwood's band at the time). This is an excellent quality recording from OH BOY...JOIN THE DE LUXE WAY. As the CD arts tells you "This session was recorded at an unknown place in the late 60's."

I finally learned to use Power Post 2000 (Thanks a bunch Stormy Weather!!!) so I'll be able to post the single missing files that may be missing on different newsgroups. Please label reposts as ATTN: TRIZMaster and I will repost to the alt.binaries.test group.

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